How to setup cisco anyconnect in windows

1. Download openConnect from here

2. Open the downloaded file.

3. Click on I Agree

4. Click on Next

5. Click on Next

6. Click on Next

7. Click on Install

8. Maybe it ask premission, click on Install

9. Click on Finish

10. Click on the setting icon then select the new Profile option

11. Now in Gateway filed, please put any servers that you liked to connect. You can find all servers For this example, i want to connect server, so I WILL PUT LIKE this : , please make sure you put https:// first then put your server hostname like , For some countires worldvpn domain is blocked, So please use the servers IP's , for this server IP is , You can find all servers hostname and IP's in servers page.

12. If you tried to connect first time to any server, i will show you a notice like below image, Please select Accurate information

13. Now put your VPN username .

14. Put your WorldVPN password.

15. WorldVPN is now connected. Once you disconnect VPN and try connecting again you will get all locations to connect to. Enjoy complete internet freedom!