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VPN Reseller

We offer 2 type of Reseller

1.WorldVPN Servers Reseller

Many companies in this world give the excellent opportunities for the beginners to start their career with World VPN. As a VPN reseller we can purchase the services of VPN at special offers and discount prices. By giving the access to control panel, we can manage the accounts of different customers. Purchasing and renewing of services can be done through the credit balance in the control panel. With the reseller API we can generate, renew and delete and can get the VPN directly from the website. All the accounts created can be renewed instantly once the payment is done. There is no delay in offering the services to the customers.

We give you access to Control Panel where you can manage Accounts for your customers. You can purchase, renew VPN services for discounted prices. You will buy Units and then make all purchases directly from your Units balance in Control Panel.

WorldVPN Reseller Plan Benefit :

You can sell VPN from more than +200 locations in the World until today!
Per VPN Account support 5 device in same time with Unlimited Monthly Bandwidth
You can create Unlimited account on your Control Panel .
You can send free trial to your customers .
You can purchase directly from your Units balance .
You can manage your account on Control Panel .

WorldVPN Reseller API

With this API that we provided to our reseller, you can generate,renew,delete VPN and getting VPN trial directly from your website. it means nobody can find that we are behind you and getting you services .Please click here to find how it worked

WorldVPN WHMCS Module

With this Module that we provided to our reseller, all VPN accounts will create and renew instantly after payment. It means there is no delay to offer VPN services to your customers.

Reseller Control Panel

Url :
Username : demo
Password : demo


up to 100 accounts at 3$ per account
up to 500 accounts at 2.5$ per account
more than 500 accounts at 2$ per account

2. Your Own Servers Reseller

On this package, we set up VPN servers for you, and only your clients can connect with them, We can customize these servers as you want.

Own Servers Benefits :
You can customize servers. Run OpenVPN on any ports and more.
Get Control Panel with Unlimited Reseller Level.
You can open All ports on servers.

We offer per Server from 15$ up 30$ per Month.
We offer per VPN per month at 0.20$

To better understanding, If you have one server at 15$, you need pay per month 15$ for the server. for selling VPN you need to buy accounts at 0.2$ per account, if you want 100 accounts, you need pay 20$ for it, There is no monthly fee for accounts when you used all accounts, you need to buy again accounts.

**VPN Reseller is non-refundable **