How to setup Cisco Socks5 in MacOS

Here is how to configure Proxifier with a WorldVPN proxy – in this example we will use Firefox.
Before we start, first download Proxifier for Windows or Mac from this link. Web browsers won’t work through socks5 w/auth and that’s where Proxifier comes in handy. First you need to obtain a Socks 5 IP address from, you will also need your WorldVPN VPN username/password. Next, we will enter this info info proxifier settings:

1. Run Proxifier and select Profile –> Proxy Servers..

2. Click the Add button in new window

3. Set a proxy IP or hostname found, port for SOCKS5 (we only support SOCKS Version 5) would be 1190, protocol would be COCKS Version 5, check “Enable” under authentication and enter your WorldVPN VPN username and password.

4. Now Select Profile –> Proxification Rules – Select a name for your profile rules, for example “Firefox”, now click the browse button and search and select the Firefox.exe under the following directory: C:\Program Files\Mozilla Firefox – then under “Action” you should select the proxy you just added in the last step and click OK, then OK again – your rule should look like below:

5. Your now good to go, open Firefox and your app will now automatically go through the SOCKS proxy you set earlier.