How to setup pptp in android

1. Head to your Android home screen by pressing the corresponding hard or soft-key on your phone. Your home screen or interface may look differ from the example, however the process will largely be the same. Pull up the ‘Settings’ menu by tapping on the app of the same name from your home screen, or App Dock. Alternatively, you may press the menu hard or soft-key on your phone, then tap the ‘Settings’ item.

2. Slide through the ‘Settings’ menu until the ‘Wireless & networks’ item is visible. Once you have tapped into “More Setting” menu, move on to the next step.

3. In the ‘Wireless & networks’ settings menu, locate the ‘VPN’ item. Move on once you have tapped this item.

4. Under the ‘VPN Settings’ menu, locate the ‘Add VPN’ item at the top of this menu. Tap this item to continue.

5. If you try to add PPTP VPN for first time, Android will ask you to setup screen unlock PIN or PASSWORD, on this tutorial we will go with PIN otherwise go with step 7 .

6. On next screen tap on PIN and setup PIN for your Android device .

7. Now select the item labeled ‘Add VPN Network’. When the next screen appears, move on to the next step.

8. Starting off with the ‘VPN name’ field, fill in a descriptive title for your new VPN connection. Now select VPN Type PPTP and After selecting a server to connect to from our available list that you can find it at VPN Control Panel -> Servers, tap the ‘VPN server Address’ item, and enter the chosen address in the dialog. Next, tick the checkbox next to the ‘Enable encryption’ option, and tap on ‘save’ option.

9. Once you have saved the configuration, you will be brought back to the previous ‘VPN’ menu. Now you will see VPN connection that you created, Now click on your vpn connection , it bring menu to put username and password.

10. Now click on connect to go with VPN

11. After the connection establishes a secure tunnel to our servers, a ‘Connected’ status message will be indicated under the connection name. If you’d like to check on the status of your VPN session outside of your ‘Settings’ app, swipe your finger in a downward motion from the top edge of your screen, pulling down the ‘Notification Area’. Scroll through the ‘Notification Area’, looking for the icon resembling a key; look for the connection name, followed by a status message. The counter underneath the icon indicates how long the VPN session has remained open for. Close your notifications, open up your web browser or favorite app, and rest easy knowing your online activities are secure from prying eyes and hackers.