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How To Configure IKEV2/IPSec on iOS

This is a tutorial on how to manually connect to WorldVPN servers on iOS (iPhone/iPad), using the IKEv2 protocol.

1. First, download the WorldVPN IKEv2 certificate to your device. The easiest way would be to open this link on the device itself by Safari:

2. The certificate installation dialog will appear. Tap Install in each of the steps.

3. Once installed, tap Done.


4. Open the VPN menu in your device Settings, and tap Add VPN Configuration…

5. Type in these settings:

Type: IKEv2
Description: (any name you want, this field does not matter)
Server: The hostname of your chosen WorldVPN server. You can find our server list with the hostnames here (in our case, we chose

Remote ID: The same hostname as the Server field.
Local ID: Leave empty.
User Authentication: Username
Username: Your WorldVPN account username.
Password: Your WorldVPNVPN account password.
Proxy: Off.

Afterwards tap Done.


6. The VPN configuration will appear in the VPN menu. Tap the Status slider to connect.


7. Once the slider turns green, you will be successfully connected to WorldVPN servers!