VPN Network

The VPN network resources are accessed in the normal way of resources available in the private network. Social VPN network is created among the individual peers basing on the relations established through the social networking service. The network main theme is to provide connectivity between the user and his friends. It is very simple and easy to set the manner which hides the users from the complexity in setting and maintaining the authenticated and encrypted end to end network tunnels and protocols. Due to the secure wireless connections and connectivity to proxy servers, it is used by many of the users in protecting their personal identity and location of the users.

America & Africa

U.S. – Phoenix, AZ
U.S. – Asheville, NC
U.S. – Atlanta, GA
U.S. – Buffalo, NY
U.S. – Chicago, IL(3)
U.S. – Dallas, TX(2)
U.S. – Denver, CO
U.S. – Miami, FL(3)
U.S. – Fremont, CA
U.S. – Indianapolis, IN
U.S. – Jacksonville, FL
U.S. – Kansas City, MO(2)
U.S. – Kent, OH
U.S. – Las Vegas, NV(2)
U.S. – Los Angeles, CA(3)
U.S. – Maryland
U.S. – Michigan
U.S. – New Jersey, NY
U.S. – New York, NY(4)
U.S. – Oklahoma City, OK
U.S. – Orlando, FL
U.S. – Scranton, PA
U.S. – San Diego, CA
U.S. – San Jose, CA(2)
U.S. – Seattle, WA
U.S. – Richmond, VA
U.S. – Walnut, CA
U.S. – Washington, D.C.
U.S. – Yonkers, CA
Canada – Montreal
Canada – Toronto(2)
Chile – Vina Del Mar
South Africa – Cape Town
Brazil – Santiago
Argentina – Santa Fe


U.K. – London(2)
U.K. – Maidenhead(2)
U.K. – Manchester
Germany – Bayern(2)
Germany – Frankfurt(2)
France – Paris(2)
France – Roubaix
Turkey – Istanbul
Italy – Milano
Spain – Madrid
Netherlands – Amsterdam
Netherlands – Alphen
Belgium – Brussels
Portugal – Lisbon
Swiss – Zurich
Russia – Moscow
Russia – Saint Petersburg
Ireland – Dublin
Finland – Helsinki
Czech Republic – Prague
Sweden – Stockholm(2)
Romania – Bucharest
Poland – Warsaw
Ukraine – Kiev
Austria – Vienna
Iceland – Reykjavik
Estonia – Tallinn
Isle of Man – Douglas
Latvia – Riga
Norway – Oslo
Denmark – Copenhagen
Bulgaria – Sofia
Hungary – Budapest
Israel – Tel Aviv
Lithuania – Siauliai

Asia & Australia

Australia – Sydney
Australia – Adelaide
New Zealand – Auckland
Japan – Tokyo
Hong Kong


VPN Plan’s


This plan offer with mutiple IP from our VPN gateway with 15GB monthly bandwidth. This plan is good for anonymous browsing for clients that need cheap VPN service’s and do not need high Bandwidth, It also 3 device’s in same time!


This plan offer with unlimited bandwidth(donwload). We recomanded this plan for customers that have highspeed interent. This plan is good for downloading or HD streaming, It also 3 device’s in same time!


This plan offer with dedicated IP for your VPN and IP that will assigned to your VPN only can use you. This plan is good for online payment or website that need unique IP’s. This plan only support one device in same time !


This plan offer with unlimited bandwidth(donwload). We recomanded this plan for customers that have high speed internet and need to use it on vary devices in same time, due it support up to 10 devices in same time !